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The Ultimate
Gear Organizer

Our super simple app makes it incredibly easy and fun to keep track of all your gear and equipment. It’s the perfect app for gear enthusiasts and people who like to keep on top of their gear.

How you can use Gearizer

Let Gearizer manage everything from your everyday carry, packing lists, photography setups, sports and fitness equipment and much more. Check out the latest gear collections.

1. Everyday Carry

Show off your Everyday Carry gear & check out what other people are carrying.

2. Traveller

Embarking on a journey? Create packing lists before you travel and never leave anything behind.

3. Photographer

Create different setups for lenses, flashes & other equipment so you will always have the right gear for the shoot.

4. Bug Out Bag

It's never too soon to start prepping for when SHTF.

5. Collector

Keep track of your prized possessions & share your collections with others.

6. Gear Tracker

Friends borrowing your gear? Track each item to keep that friendship going strong.

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